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About the game:
The Game “Daniela-Ayala Puzzle” is attended to children from two to five years, but it may be interesting to older children. This game improve a visual memory. This is a training Game that demands from children attentiveness, and concentration. Besides, children get skills of use of the computer mouse.
   The Game has three levels of difficulty, each of them has five different puzzles. Totally, there are 30 colorful puzzles, consisting of 110 pictures. In game it is included 20 fine melodies taken from the best children's cartoon films of an epoch of the USSR.
There are two ways to play:
1. Game on the timer (from 20 to 25 seconds, depending on the level chosen by the player); 2. Game with calculation of number of steps (from 10 up to 12 clicks, according to the level of difficulty).  In the first level allows about three erroneous steps, and the third, allows only one. Each level has its different features. The puzzles of the first level are consisted from nine separate, small images. The puzzles of the second and third levels include one big image, which is divided into nine parts. The third level has a back-screen which is pushing the child to remember the image before starting assembling it.
Technical data:
This game is not exacting Hardware resources and does not demand installation. The program is a one unique file, which’s original name D-A-Puzzle.exe . The program adds no writings into the registration system WINDOWS and does not add any files on the computer. Temporary (TEMP) files which were formed by the program during its use, are automatically removed when exiting from it.
Minimal requirements of resources:
1. WINDOWS 98/ME/ NT/XP/7/8/10;
2. Disk space 20 mb;
3. Operative memory 256 mb;
4. A sound card 16 bit stereo;
5. The graphic adapter 32 mb;
6. Processor P-II, 233 megahertz.
Using the keyboard is not necessarily.
The Game occupies about 15 - 21 mb (gross) in operative memory.
Nowadays, more than 99 % of home computers in the world meet these requirements.


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